Integrity, Quality and Convenience

Fusion Laboratories


Quality Assurance

Fusion Laboratories provide our customers with products that are high quality, safe, wholesome, and consistent.

    This is accomplished by a prevention-based quality program designed to ensure all manufacturing process controls, specifications and customer requirements are strictly adhered to. Our Quality Assurance and focus is a continuously evolving combination of product standards, expert personnel, stringent evaluation programs, and traceable and organized communication throughout the supply chain. This ensures that all products are produced under planned and systematic procedures that allow us to guarantee the quality, safety, consistency and integrity demanded by our customers.

Competitive Edge:

  We have depth and breadth of experience. We are vertically integrated with broad and diversified production and supply capability. Combining these attributes, Fusion Laboratories provides our customers services and products that are unsurpassed in the contract packing industry. Through innovation, we continually evolve and strengthen our customers’ market position.