Fusion Laboratories


Fusion Laboratories has the capability of supplying runs as small as 2500 units or as large as a million units per order. Our equipment can handle bottles, jars, tubes, roll-ons, sprayers and packets. Filling size ranges from 1/8 oz to 55 gallon drums.

We have the ability to silkscreen, label, shrink-wrap, palletize and create display case packages. With a variety of filling, capping, unscramblers, coding and boxing equipment, any job is tended to with ease and speed.

Fusion Laboratories offers the following services

Contract Packaging:

  • Existing products

  • Developing products

  • Trial runs

  • E-Liquid custom blends- E-Cigarettes

  • Specilizing in reformulations of Vapors


    1. Reformulation of existing products

    2. Developing new formulations

    3. Bulk mixing capabilities


    1. Package sizing

    2. Package configuration

    Shipping and Receiving:

    1. Inventory storage and control

    2. Shipping and Receiving


Let us Manufacture and Package for you


Let us handle your complete manufacturing and shipping logistics, which is ideal for our current and potential customers wishing to establish a distribution center.


This allows customers to focus on sales and the generation of new orders, while Fusion Laboratories, handles distribution and fulfillment.


Fusion Laboratories acts an extension of your R&D and manufacturing teams. We will work with your company to design your product and/or packaging, select the proper materials, manufacture, package and ship your goods with your labels.